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Fintech Workplace

Growing together

Fintech Workplace


Design & Space Planning

84,000 sq ft
19 weeks

Working in collaboration with the clients space team we have now delivered three workspaces together, each time improving on efficiencies in construction and innovating to deliver better buildings faster.

The AIS team really listened to our needs and were really receptive to feedback, which makes for a truly collaborative and engaging experience. AIS is diligent in their approach and positive in their attitude, particularly when it comes to overcoming unforeseen challenges.

Michele Durman
Monzo Bank
We first began working with this client back in 2017 when we helped them with the design and build of their first big office in the “Silicon Roundabout.” Since then their hot coral bank cards have become a real status symbol and naturally the company has ballooned alongside this. After completing expansion works on their Cardiff office, we’ve since been working with the team on the design and build of their new Shoreditch head office.
Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 97 2
Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 4
Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 55


Catering for varying working preferences their newest space includes multiple different work settings. Open plan work zones are broken up with pockets of collaboration space in a variety of different forms. Some might include a high bench style table and stools, others a round family sharing style table and chairs, and some feature a bunch of bean bags in a cosy corner allowing staff to break from their desks at any time – however it may suit them!

All of their spaces clearly prioritise their people, and just like their approach to banking – “making money work for everyone,” so too do their offices. Each of their workplaces accommodate a variety of flexible work styles, and this has become inherent to creating each of the their offices.
Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 86
Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 74


Similarly the clients mantra towards creating spaces is to “create environments where people feel like they can bring themselves to work,” and so the space caters for all of ones needs! Centrally located there is a large lunch hall area, complete with cooking space as well as an ample provision of additional kitchens and tea points spread throughout the three floors. Scattered throughout the rest of the office you will find prayer rooms, parenting rooms, training facilities, a hot desking library for silent work and even meditation rooms.

Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 42
Monzo office
Ais Monzo Broadwalk House 105


Located on the ground floor is a town hall style event space for up to 300 guests, with its own reception area as well as a catering kitchen and bar area for entertaining. The space has been created in keeping with the fun and recognisable branding and includes a number of bespoke neon lights and wall graphics.

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