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DNA Nudge

Let there be light!

DNA Nudge


Design & Space Planning

8000 sq ft
7 weeks

Health based app start-up DNA Nudge required more space to accommodate their future plans for expansion and came to AIS early on for assistance, while they were in the search and select stage - and we've helped them through each and every step of the design and build process since then!

Creating and moving to our new office was completely uncharted territory for us all here at DNA Nudge. The AIS team were so helpful throughout the entire process, they never tired of design revisions and were with us every step of the way to ensure our project was hassle free and an exciting new venture for our team!

Gina Toumazou,
DNA Nudge
DNA Nudge's dual needs of privacy and collaboration are reflected in a floor plan designed for productivity and enchanced company culture.
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After assisting the DNA Nudge team with the analysis of building services on their two favoured spaces, we began space planning and developing a floor plan that was organised to create a better working atmosphere for the company. Due to the nature of their work, the DNA Nudge team required cellular executive offices and engineering rooms to uphold privacy but still be connected to the rest of the office. We created a simplistic floor plan where glazed executive offices and engineering rooms spill out onto open plan work areas.

Details like light exposure and soothing colour palettes upgrade the well-being of employees who spend their days improving the health of others.
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A large communal kitchen and breakout space gives employees space to eat together at a share table style dining area, and gives the team a space to celebrate staff birthdays and company achievements. With an abundance of natural light spilling into the space and bright pops of colour dotted amongst light wood details, the new office space is energetic and allows employees to easily move around the space to communicate and collaborate.

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