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CSC Global

Bespoke features in Canary Wharf

CSC Global


Design & Space Planning

Professional services
12,000 sq ft
10 weeks

CSC is a world leader in the provision of business, legal, tax and digital brand services to companies around the globe. Their new workspace needed to provide adequate high-quality accommodation and breakout facilities for staff, along with an impressive meeting suite suitable for hosting clients and business partners.

Moving to a prominent Canary Wharf location amongst many other world-class occupiers we were inspired to bring CSC a fresh and welcoming space that made the best of the sweeping vista’s across the Thames that the building had to offer.

With ambitions to create an agile working environment that would bring the team together over one floor, we went about planning the space to also include equally important quiet and focus areas, in addition to spaces for collaboration and ample storage.
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The corporate team wanted to create a harmonious design style across their multiple global locations, so our design resolution needed to not only reflect the CSC values, but also adhere to the company workplace and brand guidelines, and be created in a style that was complimentary to the firms other Singapore and Cambridge locations.

The floor plate was designed to offer a variety of spaces for staff to enjoy. Collaboration space has been spread throughout the open plan working areas, allowing staff to enjoy a variety of work settings to suit their individual and team needs, while the large open plan tea point and town hall area facilitates more casual connections.
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Entering from reception you are greeted with a contemporary environment and the CSC brand identity is immediately upon you, with a feature stainless steel logo display prominently featuring in the waiting area. Oak timber panelling helps to draw the eye through the waiting room and as you progress through the space, you then reach the client suite situated directly adjacent. With floor to ceiling glazing this space was purposefully located to the perimeter of the floor plate to maximise the views the building had to offer. Comprising of a series of meeting rooms and board room, each is finished in a sleek and corporate style utilising the CSC brand palette of dark grey and blues, with pops of accent green that give the space a fresh feel.

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Moving into the open plan, integrated within the desking space are a number of informal meeting booths that give employees an opportunity for casual collaboration or project working. Opposite this, there are a number of focus rooms, and one-on-one spaces, each acoustically treated to facilitate quiet and more concentrated working needs. The tea point and café space features a mix of larger family sharing style tables with bench seating, as well as a number of smaller tables for individuals or smaller groups. The finishes palette of light oak timbers and soft tones of blue and mint green, sit harmoniously with a moss wall feature to make the space a serene area where the team can feel that they have stepped away from the intensity of their day to relax.

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