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Cooke, Young & Keidan

Elegantly, understated confidence.

Cooke, Young & Keidan


Design & Space Planning

Professional services
11,000 sq ft
8 weeks

Cooke, Young & Keidan is a leading boutique firm of commercial disputes lawyers working for international and UK businesses and individuals. Having recently established their new brand identity, the team wanted to create an elegant new workspace in line with the confidence and efficiency that has become known of their firm.

“Their positive attitude is infectious. Nothing was too much trouble. I have already been spreading the word about how excellent our experience has been. We would like to express our thanks to everyone involved at every level.”

Robert Coffey, Managing Partner
Cooke, Young and Keidan
Having outgrown their previous space both physically and developmentally, we delivered Cooke, Young & Keidan a new workspace that set them apart from others in the legal sector.
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Working alongside Lorenc Design Associates we viewed the project as an opportunity to create a working environment with the same principles of innovation, tenacity and strategy expressed in the firm’s new brand identity. Visitors entering the Cooke, Young & Keidan space are met with strong branding cues, an open style reception desk reflective of the company’s open and close team culture and suite of elegant meeting rooms. Complete with a refreshment tea point, the space can be easily converted into an area capable of accommodating functions and corporate hospitality for entertaining clients and colleagues.

Cooke, Young & Keidan's new office offers a refreshing environment that upends traditional legal office stereotypes for an inspirational environment that serves to attract and retain the best of the next generation of lawyers and business professionals.
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Directly adjacent to reception is the secure front of house area devoted to confidential client proceedings. The space is made up of an impressive 16-person board room and a series of other flexible meeting rooms, each connected by folding doors and with furniture options that allow the spaces to be configured for a number of different functions, including case work, trainings, lectures and conferences. Located on the north east corner of the floor plate with the best views and away from the main office area, staff and clients feel comfortable and at ease in the space.

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The private office area was located on the south-west facing portion of the floor plate to capitalise on the best daylight available. Here we created a suite of offices fitted with furniture modules capable of being adapted for future change. Efficient storage solutions fit seamlessly into workspace walls increasing the amount of storage for staff while using the minimal amount of space. Centrally located between the office area and client facing area is ‘The Hub’ – the main staff breakout area. Finished in soft tones of blue and mint green, the area was designed to become a space where team members can relax and feel that they have stepped away from the intensity of their day. This space spills onto a large roof terrace area with more casual style outdoor seating ready for staff entertainment and enjoyment in the coming summer months.

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