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The Tractable team were seeking relocation to a new space that allowed them the space to be able to attract leading talent and promote a stronger company culture that would in turn, enable them to expand their team and become a leading employer, promoting collaboration and unity as an attractive core business value.


  • Medium (17,316 sq. ft)


  • London

Following the successful completion of 3 floors within the building, AIS were invited back to deliver another space within the building. Our vast and in depth knowledge of the building, intimate knowledge of building services and the facilities management team led to another successful, fast tracked fit-out within Broadwalk House.

Tractable uses AI-first solutions to bring the latest computer vision research and machine learning techniques to visual assessment. Helping to build the AI tools for world-leading companies, the Tractable team similarly expected a forward-thinking tech fuelled workspace.

Designing for future growth

After realising they had outgrown their previous serviced office space, the team wanted to create a bespoke space that was more suitable for their own specific needs that would enable them to imprint their unique company culture and brand. They wanted to put their own stamp on their new space in order to call it home. We delivered their new workspace creating a physical embodiment of their brand and meeting requirements in creating premium amenities for their team and visitors to enjoy.  `

Personalising the space

Personalising the space with their branding, company values and image was a top priority for Tractable. The main design concept was to create a space that reflected the new brand and where it was heading for the future. They wanted clients, employees and visitors to know exactly who they are when entering the workplace. And so we created a welcoming front of house space that embodied the brand through colours and wall graphics.

Tractable wanted the space to showcase the fast-paced growth of the company. Forecasting their future expansion, the 17,316 sq ft in Broadwalk House allows for the team to increase comfortably.

A workplace hub

The large multifunctional breakout area also functions as a town hall meeting space, a large variety of alternative meetings and activity based working settings. This large space accommodates a range of activities and events as well as acting as a hub in the office to bring people together.

A client ready workspace

In the front of house area, you will find a soft seating waiting area. This can also double up as a place to stop for meetings or to catch up with colleagues. Alongside this there is a client facing tea point. This allows clients or visitors to be met with a drink or snack upon arrival, ensuring their visit to the office starts comfortably from the offset.

Activity based working

Placed strategically throughout the open plan space you will find numerous varieties of working settings. From individual phone boots to soft seating areas to small meeting booths, there is a space for a range of tasks amongst the larger open plan space.

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