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With a quickly growing team Statkraft saw an opportunity in their new workplace design and build project to instil greater culture and belonging while maintaining productivity. They approached AIS with a goal to drive collaborative work methods into a new strategy for their workplace.


  • Medium (25,000 sq ft sq. ft)


  • London

Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. Realising the true value of the workplace well ahead of their time, the Statkraft team understood the value of agility and flexibility in the workplace and approached us to deliver the design and build of their new workplace with a brief to improve collaborative working and define their brand identity to champion a stronger cultural connection amongst their staff.

Forging brand connections within the workplace

Conceived to enhance the embodiment of brand, the project started with a strong design scheme that sought to emulate the concept of renewable energy; the collection of renewable resources, such as wind, rain, and sunlight which are then transformed into energy. Seen through the continuous repetition and layering of design elements throughout the space, prominent design features evoke a sense of connection between natural and made objects, fostering connects to the core purpose of the Statkraft business.

Upon entry visitor are greeted with an impressive reception desk, featuring the company logo and geometric timber forms that emulate nature, juxtaposed against hard white finishes, amplifying the connection between natural and man-made objects. This space then spills into the client suite and users are drawn through the space through the continued usage of repetitive geometric forms and are met with a striking lighting feature over the main client waiting area. This low hung lighting creates an intimate feel to the space, allowing staff and visitors to feel comfortable enough to collaborate within this space while waiting to be taken through to one of the many adjacent meetings rooms.

Space planning to facilitate departmental interactions

Before moving into the work zone you transition past, the main staff amenities area which combines the kitchen, dining and a presentation area which create a town hall style space when required, while also creating a necessary point for casual interactions between teams on a daily basis. Here the integration of bleacher style seating creates space for larger all company presentations when necessary, but is also utilised by staff in a more casual way for more informal work catch ups and one-to-ones.

Diverse work settings embedded within neighbourhoods

To further support organic interactions the workspace has been divided into departmental neighbourhoods, each with a diverse range of work settings, key equipment and flexible work zones for various levels of teamwork and concentration.

Throughout the space subtle connections to the Statkraft brand have been woven into the design, featured in manifestation and laser cut into partitioning, serving both function and aesthetic. Prioritising both brand and interaction the new Statkraft office is a hub for talent attraction and collaborative innovation.

From the onset, we were very impressed with the design and creativity of this project. AIS understood what Statkraft's requirements are and designed and delivered on that. We built a very good relationship with the team in particular the PM who held everything together and got us through the lockdown and to the finishing line.


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