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We were appointed to complete the refurbishment of the existing 34,000 sq ft Ruffer office space on the 7th floor of Cardinal Place, Victoria. The project took place following our successful completion of a custom designed pilot office environment based on analytics of an in-depth workplace consultancy study.


  • Large (34,000 sq. ft)


  • London

The Ruffer brief

The Ruffer team came to us to update their space following the successful results of the pilot scheme. Their space needed new ceilings and AC, this was the main catalyst of why they began seeking a new workplace design. They took the opportunity to allow us to redesign and reconfigure the space based upon the standard of the pilot study .

Workplace design concept

We designed the space to be kept in the Ruffer style, a unique blend of modern and traditional whilst also reflecting Ruffer’s rich heritage. To showcase the company culture we created custom joinery housing their artwork and wallpaper designed from Ruffer’s graphics.

Creating the ultimate workplace events space

We designed a flexible state of the art event space fit with everything the team needed to host an event. We incorporated custom-lighting, cameras, speakers and microphones to make the space flexible and easy to use. Providing the right equipment allowed for events to be ran and managed in-house.

Understanding the needs of the Ruffer workforce

The design was centred around the Ruffer culture and people. The results from the pilot study became a huge driving force in the final workplace design. The study allowed an opportunity for the team to really understand what their staff need and want. The team requested space that their staff really needed. Staff feedback guided many of the design decisions such as a well being room, doctors room, phone booths etc.

The pandemic has increased the amount of time workers spend on video calls during their working days. Ruffer’s office needed to reflect this change of working activity. As part of the project we updated all the meeting rooms to accommodate for hosting and joining video calls.

The library is a fantastic well-used area designed to be a quiet work space or it can be booked for meetings. Additionally this multi-functional room can also act as a dining room with the large table. A secret door then leads from the library into the events space allowing it to be used as a green room.

Why AIS?

Our relationship with the client has gone from strength to strength following the completion of the pilot scheme. This lead to the appointment of the 34,000 sq ft refurb.

The project experienced some difficult hurdles out of our control. The project began at the start of Brexit, ran throughout all the COVID-19 lockdowns as well as the return to work. However, with our close-knit partnership with Ruffer and continuing to update both sides regularly, the project concluded with a truly impressive outcome.


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