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Mudrick Capital

Tasked with their first European expansion, The Mudrick Capital team appointed us to elevate perceptions of their brand and affirm their position in the British market as a leading investment firm. Taking inspiration from the surrounding Mayfair area we created an elegant and highly functioning workplace setting that cements the firm as a respected provider, allowing them to anchor themselves into the London market.


  • Small (5000 sq. ft)


  • London

Creating a home away from home work setting

Mudrick Capital manages capital for a diverse group of sophisticated institutions and individuals, including endowments, foundations, insurance companies, private banks, fund-of-funds, pensions, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Founded in the America’s with a head office on New York’s famed Madison Avenue, Mudrick Capital were keen to secure an equally prestigious office address for their first European headquarters. Settling on an address in London’s esteemed borough of Mayfair, the AIS team worked in close collaboration with Mudrick Capital to understand the mechanisms of their New York office, and created them a modern workplace design that would become a home away from home, enabling the team a seamless transition into the London market.

Elevating brand experience across borders

Focussed on creating a better experience for their people, and therefore their customers, the design had to foster connectivity and openness amongst the firm, keeping lines of communication open among staff to enable innovation through communication.

As you enter the space you are met with a bespoke reception desk, while opposite a marble feature wall with the Mudrick Capital branding imposes a feeling of refinement upon guests to the office. This flexible front-of-house connects the reception with an open kitchen and community space that creates a space for connection, both for visiting clients and providing staff with opportunity to unwind and foster truly human connections with their clients.

A seamless workplace experience designed to the highest standards

The extensive use of double-glazed glass partitions creates connectivity and a sense of openness about the space. While working in the open plan area, traders can see through to the open plan kitchen.

Incorporating a sophisticated mix of brand colours, warm walnut timbers, Carrara marble and brass details across the multifunctional spaces, their new office expresses the company’s distinguished and reputable personality enabling Mudrick Capital to meet its future business goals and attract the right talent.

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