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Global Media Company

A leading global media organisation partnered with AIS to develop this innovative workspace for their tech team, fostering collaboration, igniting creativity, and propelling the organisation towards enhanced success.


  • Small (9,567 sq. ft)


  • Manchester

Driven by the vision to establish an inclusive and synergistic workspace, this renowned global media and entertainment powerhouse engaged AIS to create a workspace that would help reinforce their company values which celebrate collaboration, creativity, and optimism.

By integrating human-centric design principles, agile working methodologies, and biophilic elements, we created a transformative workplace design which propels a sense of unity, ignites passion, and amplifies the collective potential of this dynamic workforce

Through thoughtful spatial planning, strategically positioned collaboration hubs, and flexible workstations, the design aims to facilitate seamless communication, spark serendipitous interactions, and nurture a vibrant culture of idea generation.

Dynamic work zones enhance collaboration, creativity and focus

Three distinct work zones were created throughout the space, each carefully crafted to serve unique purposes and cater to different aspects of the modern work experience.

The’ Social Zone’ is characterized by its inviting ambiance and comfortable seating areas, fosters informal interactions, relaxation, and socialization. In contrast, the ‘Collaboration Zone’ with its vibrant colour palette and purposeful layout, serves as a hub for active collaboration, featuring open workstations, collaborative spaces, and technology-enabled tools. Flexible furniture solutions encourage spontaneous idea sharing and brainstorming sessions, fostering a collaborative spirit and the cross-pollination of ideas.

Lastly, the ‘Focus Zone’ designed with tranquillity in mind, offers a serene atmosphere and specialised amenities to facilitate deep concentration and uninterrupted workflow. Each zone has been thoughtfully created to align with specific work requirements, enhancing employee well-being and fostering a culture of innovation and synergy.

Promoting sensory well-being in the workplace

Meticulously curated colour palettes, influenced by the principles of colour psychology were employed to evoke desired emotional responses within each zone, infusing the workspace with energy, inspiration, and positivity.

Furthermore, the integration of adaptable ergonomic furniture, state-of-the-art technology, and acoustically optimized solutions ensured a holistic experience of comfort, productivity, and sensory well-being.

Ultimately this transformative workplace design not only unifies staff around shared values but also empowers them to thrive, driving the organisation towards a future of enhanced collaboration, creativity, and success.

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