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DPR Construction

Seeking a high performing office space with occupant well-being at its’ heart, DPR Construction appointed us to design and build their first permanent Amsterdam office. Pursuing a specialist office design partner that could offer data-lead workplace insights, we worked in close collaboration with the DPR team to develop a space that coherently infused the company’s open and collaborative culture with the unique Dutch locale.


  • Small (6000 sq. ft)


  • Amsterdam

The office design brief

Having previously run their European operations from a co-working office space in Amsterdam-Centrum the DPR team wanted a bigger office space for their rapidly growing team. So they could work as collaboratively and efficiently as possible in a space they could truly call home. With core company values of integrity, enjoyment and uniqueness DPR were keen to create a rejuvenating office design that actively and passively encouraged healthy behaviour and decision making.

Holding collaboration at the very core of their organisational success the team wanted to an open and collaborative main working area, offset by accommodation for other working activities. We incorporated plenty of meeting rooms and quiet spaces into the design, providing space for individual activities and meetings. In addition to the big breakout space which could serve to bring people together, as well as hosting events.

Designing for different working activities

Rooted in the construction industry the DPR team understood the impact the built environment has on occupant health, happiness and productivity. So were keen to ensure the floorplate included a variety of different working zones for both collaboration and individual work. Including banks of desks, enclosed and open meeting rooms, individual booths both private and open, desks within private rooms and a large boardroom. The activity based working office design accommodates for all tasks and activities, creating optimal efficiency for the team.

Weaved throughout the space you’ll find biophilia. This adds colour and brightness to the working areas as well as having multiple health benefits. The use of biophilia compliments the feature of the brand colour green. This helped create a well thought out and smooth colour scheme through the whole space tying everything together.

Incorporating brand into office design

We wanted to incorporate the DPR Construction company values within the design. This meant ensuring the space was welcoming and warm. Natural finishes with industrial touches helped create a home away from home feel. The carpet used within the working areas also reflects the natural environment, something the team values highly, with its colours and use of organic shapes.

Adjacent to the breakout space is a large green wall, branded with company slogan. This pop of colour and biophilia brighten the space, creating a focal point to the large space as well as embodying brand within the design.

Featured on walls around the space are wall decals that depict monuments of the Netherlands. These help to create a sense of belonging and company culture, helping the team to feel part of something bigger.

Communal hub

We created a feature break out space near the entrance of the office. The large breakfast bar style seating features low hanging warm lighting creating a more intimate feel to the open space.

With an abundance of seating around the bar as well as surrounding tables, the space has is a hub for the whole team. Meaning they have a space to be able to gather at once whether it’s for lunch, socials, or presentations.

The project took place during the pandemic which required close monitoring of material availability and ensure safety on site. Despite this, the 10 weeks on site ran smoothly with no bumps in the road. This is due to our international reach and consistent ability to deliver work regardless of location. You can learn more about our other projects here.

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