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Corporate Travel Company

Guiding the client through a data-led change management process that enabled a smooth transition to agile working, our design solution successfully allowed the consolidation of 3 offices into one single workspace delivering significant financial benefits and improved workplace productivity.


  • Medium (26,479 sq. ft)


  • Frankfurt

Reconsidering office portfolio strategy with a transition to agile

Following a previous workplace refurbishment project in Berlin which resulted in a 52% reduction in space, our client realised the value of our in-house workplace strategy and design team, approaching us again when it came time to reconsider their office strategy in Frankfurt.

Working alongside the clients in-house corporate real estate team we developed a workplace design that could successfully consolidate their existing three separate Frankfurt office locations into one workspace through the adoption of a more agile work environment.

Enabling mobile technology to facilitate agile working

Featuring a mix of formal collaboration zones, including meeting spaces for 2-22 occupants, focus booths for solitary work and an impressive front of house client zone, their new workplace successfully caters to all staff and client requirements despite a drastic reduction in footprint. Each space is underpinned by mobile technology allowing staff complete choice over where and how they wish to work.

Integrated change management to mould cultural change

Our internal workplace strategy team were on hand throughout the entire project, helping the client to navigate the change transformation required for a consolidation of this scale. Developing a highly integrated strategy that would seamlessly guide staff and mould the culture change required for a happy transition to agile working.

Following the successful completion of these projects in Berlin and Frankfurt lead to a more extensive real estate review across the clients global office portfolio. Since our partnership first began back in 2016 we have completed over 80 projects and through the rollout of agile working, helped to reduce their workplace portfolio by over 32% across a number of EMEA locations. We have since created their Global Workplace Design Standards Policy which we have now implemented in a number of locations, delivering standardisation across each location.

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