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Business Travel Provider

Tasked with managing the cultural change of merging 3 businesses into one, we created a workplace environment that satisfied the needs of three diverse business unit teams. With a significant portion of collaboration spaces facilitating the creation of one business culture, ultimately enabling transformative results for both employee wellbeing and business strategy.


  • Medium (36,500 sq. ft)


  • London

Enabling business cultures through a more mobile workplace environment

Having previously delivered a project in Frankfurt for this same client, following an acquisition process, this Global Corporate Travel provider came to us with the task of consolidating 3 previously separate businesses into the one headquarter location. By creating a more mobile workspace that was centred around collaboration and training we were able to deliver a modern workplace environment that catered to varied employee requirements.

After an extensive real estate portfolio review and workplace consultancy study of each of the three organisations it was deemed that investment needed to be centred around meeting the functional needs of each business and there was a focus on bringing teams together in order to support better project work.

Supporting cultural alignment through strategic planning

Care had to be taken during the amalgamation of three cultures into one. Our workplace strategy team identified that staff would need structured support during a change of this nature. In close collaboration with the clients global real estate team, we crafted a bespoke change management plan to help manage staff expectations and concerns, as well as assisting the implementation of new office etiquette.

An agile style office would deplete the number of fixed workstations previously required and we supplemented this space with a variety of other workspaces. Our design included a number of silent working rooms, private working pods, Skype booths, informal meeting areas, collaboration benches and a large cafe space. Each collaboration zone that was included in the final design was unique. Some included small meeting tables for ad hoc meetings, write on walls and project benches, while others were centred around high level benches in a central position on the floor plate for larger meetings or large tables with access to screens for creative work.

More flexible style seating is available in communal and social break out spaces to accommodate varying group size. Solutions included tiered seating for larger town hall style meetings and long tables for larger groups creating a more family style offering to encourage conversation which would better facilitate the merging of three business cultures into one.

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