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Office Design and Fit Out for Stroke Association

We are really proud to be working on the new office design and fit out for Stroke Association in Shoreditch.
Stroke office design and fit out render

The Stroke Association team came to us seeking a new office design and fit out. With concerns their existing office space was adversely affecting their teams ability to collaborate, share knowledge and communicate amongst teams. With limited meeting rooms, especially for smaller teams and a mechanical plant at the end of its’ life causing poor heating and cooling control, many of their staff were concerned with the under-performing nature of their existing space workplace design.

We worked in close collaboration with the Stroke Association project team to come up with a modern workplace design that encourages collaboration and innovation through new ways of working. Their new office space has a mix of working spaces, including activity based work zones, workers lounge space and a large communal kitchen and break out area to allow for communal gatherings.

We are looking forward to continuing work on site in collaboration with the Stroke Association team and can’t wait to see their new space come to life.

Get in touch to chat with on of our office design experts today about your next workplace.

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