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Our New Corporate Identity and Website!

Today as a result of our continued growth and success within the London design and build market we launch our new corporate identity that reflects our evolving brand.
AIS London new brand logo

AIS London and International has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years, from a small team of 10 to now, with an ever expanding team of 65, we believe it is thanks to our people and strong client relationships that have got us to where we are today.

It is with this in mind that we have created our new corporate identity. Focussed around bringing you dynamic, people centred spaces that work for everyone, stimulating both individuals and businesses. Our mission is to enrich our clients with dynamic workplace environments that are completely tailored to their region and culture, sparking innovation and allowing individuals and businesses to excel in productivity and wellbeing.

Encapsulating our new brand the new AIS London website which features regular news and insights from our expert team demonstrates our fully adaptable approach to delivering exemplary workplaces that exceed both the expectations and ambitions of our clients.

Our new office at St Paul’s House is a showcase space demonstrating our ability to create enriching workplace environments and exhibits our progression as a company.

We’ve worked hard at our new identity to create a clear, consistent and recognisable experience for our audience at every point of interaction; one that is confident, conveys our creative intelligent design, our technical ability and our ability to improve lives.

We are excited to continue working with you in the future and look forward to sustained success.

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