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Moving On Up – Recommendations for your office relocation

As we embark upon our own office relocation project we’ve broken down our top tips for a painless relocation project...
Empty office ready for an office relocation

A workplace fit out and relocation presents an opportunity for a fresh start and can often be the catalyst for change amongst your workplace culture, presenting an opportunity to change client and employee perceptions of your business and the way you operate, often motivating and encouraging performance amongst your team. However, while an office relocation project can be an exciting and positive time it is also a period of major change that requires utmost care.

The way you manage and communicate your move process is crucial and will ultimately determine whether your workforce will hit the ground running in their new location or face challenges in operation. Here are our top three recommendations for ensuring a hassle free move.


The earlier you can start planning the better. While an office relocation may on the surface seem daunting, the best approach is to break it down into manageable steps. An experienced project manager can you to do this and is crucial in any successful move.

It is important to remember to plan not only for your physical move, involving IT and phone systems, office furniture and other equipment, but to also plan for people. If you can evolve a plan that has minimal impact on your people themselves, there will be less impact on your organisations culture and climate.

Don’t forget your stakeholders in the planning process and ensure they are kept in the loop on your new workplace location ahead of time to avoid any lost communications.


Workplace relocation can be a confronting and stressful time for employees, being uprooted from their usual environment and a poorly communicated move management plan can quickly result in the development of informal processes to fill voids which can have negative consequences.

Keep your staff regularly informed with clear and consistent messaging. Make sure that the purpose of your move is clearly defined from the beginning of the project and framed as a positive and enriching opportunity. As your project progresses set a timeline for your team and ensure key milestones and expectations are laid out as early as possible.

Change Management

You staff may have differing expectations about your move and their new environment and can often cause stress amongst certain individuals. In order to ensure your staff are satisfied that we have taken a comprehensive approach to their new workplace, the AIS design team can host a staff engagement workshop to draw attention to the features of their proposed new environment. By leveraging our passion for holistic design, we feel we can make your team confident their concerns have been considered and thoughtfully addressed in our resulting design solution.

It’s important to also prepare staff for any technology changes in their new environment. You might need to consider running training sessions for any new IT, as well as ensuring staff know how to use their new facilities including how to book meeting rooms and any other new shared resources.

Once you’re settled into your new home it’s time to celebrate! A successful move offers an opportunity for engagement with staff and stakeholders. Many of our clients will use the opportunity to host welcome events marking both their physical transition and a reinvigorated approach to business. Any member of our team is available to chat to you today about your London workplace design project.

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