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Interpreting your workplace project brief – the importance of your DNA

We believe create workplace design begins with people. A collaboration between our team and yours. 

Our industry is traditionally focused immaturely on the end product, in contrast, we have created a distinctive approach, focused on customer needs. We seek not to be dependent on trends or fads but instead focus on allowing our people to help yours.

It goes without saying that clients expect good design teams to be capable of interpreting strategy, but they don’t necessarily believe they are capable of creating it. However what many clients don’t realise is that before they even think about hitting the drawing board, our designers will immerse themselves in your business and sector to try and define how through your workplace design, we can help your people to perform better.

We look beyond business as usual and look to work together with our clients, utilising research, observations, process, and market research to increase our knowledge of your business, so that together we can develop your office design brief and create a workplace that empowers people to develop and perform at their best. We delve into every aspect of your business’s DNA to deliver dynamic, people-centred spaces that work for everyone.

The best way to do this is in partnership with your project team as part of a design development workshop, which drills down into the heart of what your brand essence is. During this process, one of our talented AIS designers will lead you down a discovery, exploration and engagement process that ensures we can uncover the true feelings, concerns and aspirations of your workforce. This then allows us to move forward with this impartial knowledge and carry them into our resulting design solution.

We take on every project and programme as an opportunity to innovate and find better ways of doing things. We are committed to ensuring that every element of your workplace design project is reviewed to ultimately deliver you an inspired workplace that empowers your people to perform at their best and develop in the workplace.