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Resimercial Office Design

Reflecting cultural perspectives on work-life balance, workplaces are increasingly becoming more like a home away from home.

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Office break out space with sofa, coffee table, television unit and shelving unit separating the kitchen.

Trends in workplace interior design move at a rapid pace, the trajectory of which, mostly track our social and cultural change. Popular cultural perspectives on work-life balance in recent times has become more fluid and in response, flexible work arrangements have become increasingly more abundant, including an increase in employers offering work from home policies.

Employers are becoming increasingly less rigid about their work environments, more aware that their staff can work from anywhere at any time, and in order to retain and attract the most talented individuals, they are finding the need to offer office environments that are more employee centric.

Resimercial office design has come about in response to this and seeks to create office space that is attractive in terms of its comfort, friendly and relaxed ambiances, an antidote to our past when the workplace was more formal and inflexible.

The trend recognises the need for differing work and meeting spaces that cater to agile working and in the same way that residential design does, serving the different moods and moments a person faces throughout their day.

Similarly while the general aesthetics of the office are secondary to the function, we’re seeing a much greater cross over with residential themes and concepts. From a materiality point of view hardwood flooring has become popular in office spaces for its familiarity and warmth, and breakout spaces and reception areas are increasingly modelling around living room style formats, with comfortable lounge chairs and rugs, becoming comfortable and casual spaces that people feel at home to do a variety of tasks in.

If you feel there is a desire amongst your staff to bring some of the comforts of home into your workplace talk to us today about creating a home away from home office, where your staff can be their most productive selves!