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ESG in the workplace

Learn how we can help you create the ultimate sustainable workplace that aligns with your own ESG policies.

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ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. A set of standards that evaluate a business’s conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. It is increasingly becoming the benchmark criteria to ensure a business is running themselves responsibly.

Addressing these issues are becoming an increasingly bigger priority to a company’s behaviour and values. Especially in the last couple of years, ESG has become a far more urgent and pressing matter. Companies are experiencing increased pressure to address climate change and social progress.

The workplace is a great tool for businesses to be able to showcase and highlight how they are trying to solve and support these issues. As ‘net zero’ targets are prevailing, it is the responsibility of all involved in the built environment to challenge the sustainability of a project.

At AIS we are committed to integrating ESG considerations into your workplace design criteria. We believe your workplace design project can present the potential to generate a range of positive ESG outcomes and our team can help you to measure and assess your workplace design decision making, material and furniture choices, drawing on ESG criteria to ensure we are using your workplace design as a force for good.

ESG explained


The pandemic has cemented the idea that the office is a place for connections. The creation of more i

Environmental criteria is used to show how companies interact with the planet. This includes issues such as carbon emissions, recycling and plastic use. Corporations worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce their carbon emission. Many are making commitments to decarbonising their operations and decoupling business growth from emissions.

In the built environment, unless there is significant change to UK buildings, net zero will be unattainable because 40% of the UK carbon comes from buildings.  While you may not be able to make huge changes to your office building due to building restrictions, you can be conscious of carbon emissions and the planet when you’re fitting out your workplace and about the operational outputs of your sublet. Developing your workplace design and build in line with a green certification means you’re acting to improve quality of life for individuals and benefit the planet.

  • Choose materials carefully, avoiding high embodied materials and opt for rapidly renewable materials.
  • Minimise the amount of waste produced
  • Reuse materials and furniture whether it’s from the same building or a different one
  • Reduce the quantity of materials and products used and opt for natural materials where possible.
  • Develop your workplace design and build in line with a sustainable office certification


Supporting your employee’s wellbeing is a huge part of a running a business. The workplace is a hub for social interactions and can play a huge part in forming relationships within your team. Having a comfortable and supportive environment for your team to come to work in is important and helps create a safe social environment for your employees.

The pandemic left a lot of people feeling isolated at work. Now with the return to work well underway employees are appreciating being able to spend time in the office once again.

  • With activity-based working becoming a popular option for a lot of companies, ensuring your workplace provides a variety of spaces to work in is something that can help with wellbeing and productivity.
  • Have furniture and equipment that provides physical support e.g. sit-stand desks, foot rests, adjustable screens etc
  • A workplace that improves wellbeing. Having access to natural light, biophilia, outdoor space etc whilst at work can help with mental health whilst at work.
  • Ensure your workplace promotes diversity and inclusion. Inclusive design is defined as the accessibility and usability of a product or space by a broad range of population without the need to specially adapt them. Our design team can help you to work towards creating an inclusive workplace.

Corporate Governance

This is all about the processes and values your company has put in place in order to make themselves accountable and make effective decisions.

This can come in many forms but some examples are:

  • Working with companies and suppliers that are ethical
  • Diversity and inclusion within the workplace
  • Safe working conditions
  • Sustainability in business practices and the workplace
  • Fair employment

Throughout the process of your workplace design and build a vast supply chain of different organisations will work on your project. It might seem daunting to embark upon assessing the ethics of each and ultimately curtail your options. At AIS we are open and transparent about our supply chain vetting. We follow a robust 3 phase supply chain selection and management plan.

We now are more inclined to investigate the organisations that we choose to work with and work for. ESG policies were once a benefit to a business but are now essential to running a successful business.

Why is ESG important in the workplace?

According to research, companies that are aware of and pay attention to ESG are linked to faster business growth. This is because they attract more customers and more employees. Companies are judged on how they treat their employees and how they treat the environment.

Your workplace is a representation of your company values and ESG credentials. Therefore, ensuring the design and fit out of your workplace is kind to your team and the planet is essential to a successful business.

How can AIS support ESG?

We are working tirelessly to embed sustainability into our DNA. This is to ensure we design and build workplaces that are kind to the planet. Our design, technical and sustainability teams are working to further support and drive our sustainability targets.

Get in touch today to learn how we can help you create the ultimate sustainable workplace that aligns with your own ESG policies –