En combinant nos trois spécialités principales avec l'expérience intersectorielle d'une équipe de classe mondiale, nous transformons les entreprises grâce à l'environnement bâti et améliorons la façon dont les gens travaillent.

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We can work with you to ensure your workplace furniture strategy is responsible, incorporating principals of longevity, reuse, recyclability and repurposing.

Accountable office furniture strategies for a better future.

To help you achieve your ESG and sustainability targets our furniture specialists make the process simple. Whether it be creating a strategy to incorporate reuse, considering material composition or recyclability our specialists can help you to select, supply and install furniture in a way that is truly sustainable.

Forming a key part of our sustainable approach, we will work with you to assess what you have in your existing workplace and identify what can be reused in your new space. We can arrange for redundant furniture to be removed and redistributed to charitable causes or ethically recycled.

Material selection, vernacular sourcing and energy efficient processing all play an important part in the overall environmental impact of furniture. Furniture should be designed for longevity, reuse, recyclability and repurposing and this must be designed in from the beginning.

To support your corporate ESG targets we offer a reporting service detailing CO2, cost savings and the positive impact of your Ethical Clearance.

Our latest Furniture Sustainability projects

En réalisant des projets de toutes formes et de toutes tailles, nous créons des espaces de travail qui améliorent votre façon de travailler.

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