Durch die Kombination unserer drei Kernkompetenzen mit der branchenübergreifenden Erfahrung eines Weltklasseteams können wir Unternehmen durch die bauliche Umwelt verändern und die Arbeitsweise der Menschen verbessern.

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Britische Gesellschaft für Ökologie

Prioritising sustainability and the well-being of their employees the British Ecological Society created a modern office environment that supported a healthy lifestyle, while being environmentally compliant. Incorporating our sustainability and M&E experts early on in the project ensured the design and efficiency of their workplace was completed to the highest level of sustainability.

We set out to create a vibrant new home for the society

The British Ecological Society (BES) is the largest scientific society for ecologists in Europe. Their mission is to develop a world in which nature and people thrive. With that in mind the AIS team set about creating a vibrant new home for the BES, that better supported their staff and members, while prioritising sustainability.

By following the SKA rating system, BES could achieve Gold status for sustainability

Among the British Ecological Society’s most prominent objectives was a genuine desire to create a more environmentally efficient way of working, considering their environmental impacts and the wellbeing of their staff.

These attributes were very much in line with the SKA Rating system, an environmental assessment method for the built environment which promotes the principles of sustainable development within the context of an office build. With this in mind our team of sustainability experts set about creating the project in line with these guidelines, ultimately achieving SKA Gold status for the project, the highest SKA accolade for a sustainable fit-out.

Open space and vibrant colours ensured the space was full of life and collaboration

The open office consists of many different spaces that create a myriad of work settings for quiet focus, concentration, project work and collaboration. Open planning enhances the flow of both communication and natural light through the space. Meeting rooms were planned on the ground floor where natural light was most abundant, as well as the main staff work area to allow staff views of the ground floor outside traffic whilst at their desks.

We wanted to create a vibrant new home for the BES to better support their staff. A range of bold colours and images reflecting the natural world were used throughout, with five meeting rooms uniquely identified by different habitats: Amazon, Serengeti, St. Kilda, Yukon and Gobi. By incorporating biophilic design elements, social areas and soft furnishings, the new HQ also allows the staff to organise more casual meetings.

Each environmental detail was carefully considered throughout

We evaluated the environmental performance of the space closely with the client throughout the entire process. Each detail was carefully considered, including planting throughout the office to enhance employee wellbeing and improve air quality, in addition to a moss feature wall at the entrance that encouraged a connection with nature.

Incorporating our M&E experts into the project team enabled us to work on the sustainable design of the buildings mechanical and electrical systems. Providing smart design solutions and future-proof maintenance plans from the early stages of the design process, right through to support and post construction, ensuring the fit-out would continue to operate sustainably well into the future.

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