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Need help managing your office real estate portfolio?

For organisations that operate around the world, cultural differences and local legislation can be difficult to manage. At AIS, we make no assumptions about the regions where we work, and our process always involves local experts who guide us so that we understand cultural nuances and regulations, unlocking potential in your office real estate.
Office real estate

Throughout years of experience, the AIS international team has delivered complex, multi-faceted projects around the world. Because of this, AIS are able to provide a full spectrum of services and deliver high quality workplace solutions, servicing your entire office real estate portfolio, no matter where the location.

We provide our clients with global as well as local knowledge. This is done through our commitment to continuously evolve and improve our global knowledge, supply chain and cultural understanding.

Maintaining a knowledge base

Every country comes with unique working circumstances. But, one thing that remains true for all is the importance of relationships that encourage growth and learning. AIS guarantee an organisational structure that involves local experts who ensure cost-effectiveness in all regions. The AIS project management team thinks globally with the ability to act locally; communicating and delegating work effectively.

Ensuring a risk-free delivery

We offer an effective supply chain across multiple regions to allow lower product and delivery costs. Early planning with our local experts also ensures that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined with strong communication and reporting practices. With AIS projects, quality and statutory compliance are ensured in every location.

Continuous cultural understanding

Our relationships with our clients result in a growing understanding of their people and culture that we continuously refine and implement into all of the work that we do. A dedicated AIS team will always be delighted to offer you a package of solutions and services to assist you with the strategic development and management of your global real estate portfolio.

AIS are tested and proven to do more, wherever your office real estate may be.

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