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Thinking Ahead to a Green Recovery

As we move across this bridge and approach the other side, now more than ever, it is critical that we consider the environment in our re-calculations for the workforce and as we prepare for some kind of “new normal” in a post-lockdown world.

We’ve all seen the before and after pictures of big cities covered in smog and pollution from before we were confined to our homes, compared to significantly clearer skies minus the daily commuter traffic and the shutdown of many CBD centres and business parks causing a forced reduction in energy demand.

Recently as we have progressed through the first steps towards a transition back to the “new normal” what we are unfortunately now seeing is a rapid rebound in emissions.

The hope of making some of the emission reductions permanent is not yet lost. In response as governments and businesses look to stimulate positive economic growth and simultaneously create jobs, many governments across the globe are now offering incentives for rebuilding a “green recovery.”

Calling for improvements in energy efficiency and greater efficiency in heating strategies, in achieving these higher standards and delivering higher quality building stock and workplaces, we are also helping to safeguard the health and well-being of building occupants.

The benefits in business, especially SME’s capitalising on these incentives are twofold. By harnessing quick wins towards cleaner technologies in the workplace, such as switching to LED lighting, has the potential to reduce lighting costs a much as 90% – a no-brainer for small businesses.

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On a larger scale, a recent study published by the World Economic Forum estimated retrofitting systems and installing more efficient technology to create “Green Buildings” could save the economy $825 billion by 2030.

More than ever, it is critical that we consider the environment in our calculations as we prepare for some kind of “new normal” in a post-COVID world. These next stages of recovery can make positive change to the health of the planet, whether that is preferring online connectivity inside the office, to carbon-intensive travel, or a complete retro fit of your office mechanical system, taking up government green building incentives can lead us to a healthier world in recovery.

Talk to us today about how we can help you engage with and create a workplace for green recovery. Our in house sustainability consultants are perfectly placed to help you make responsible and forward thinking choices about the way your projects are executed and how they can make best use of green recovery incentives.