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COVID-19 unsurfaces responsibility to embrace consequence-led design

Before we went into lockdown the team here at AIS decided to take the necessary steps towards becoming a carbon neutral business. Ensuring we make a model for compassion in our work we wanted to ultimately gain a better understanding on how our work impacts the planet. Being amongst the first in our industry to do so, we grasped the opportunity to adapt and expand our environmental commitment.

Fast forward a few months and with the outcomes of COVID-19, we feel we have an even greater agenda of responsibility and call for change in the fundamentals of how we approach workplace design.

As we each adjusted to newly intimate worlds during lockdown, the value of the office became clear as we struggled through the realities of working without the support networks or collaboration opportunities we once so easily shared with our co-workers.

Simultaneously societal expectations adjusted to embrace a more consequence aware momentum, with many of us reaching out in new ways and finding ourselves with a new found sense of awareness.

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As we continue to move forward towards a recovery stage we are realising that now more than ever, the workplace design industry has a heightened responsibility to embrace such momentum and continue moving on with more consequence aware design approach.

The societal changes of COVID-19 have caused the once accepted aesthetic expectations of the workplace to require re-programming in order to make way for more purposefully built spaces that articulate an intelligent and strategic understanding of the workforce.

The new focus for the design industry needs to be on looking at our space and those who work within them, analysing them rigorously, and being honest about those findings. The key to re-imagining existing and future spaces lies in actively building in analytics and insight to our design solutions.

We need to progress workplace design thinking to consider how our solutions can adapt to meet the needs of our changing workforce and foucs on delivering better and lasting results for our clients.

As a team COVID-19 has motivated us to becoming even more committed in going beyond the traditional workplace planning lens and instead offer truly optimised spaces shaped upon a discipline of intelligent and strategic understanding.

We are committing to grasping this opportunity and new found sense of awareness to change how we to do things. We believe the entire industry has a responsibility to uphold in embracing the silver lining consequences of COIVD-19  and take this opportunity to move forwards towards more responsive and progressive workplaces.

If you would like to discus your current work practices and your own potential for change, you can contact us here.