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Amsterdam Office Space Demand Increases

High salaries, forward thinking and high standards of living has seen Amsterdam emerge as the fifth most desirable city to work in the world causing a spike in demand for Amsterdam office real estate.
people riding bikes to their Amsterdam office

News is out this week that Amsterdam is now the fifth most desirable place to work in the world is set to only increase the already high demand for Amsterdam office space in the Dutch capital.

The forward thinking and tech-driven capital that Amsterdam has become makes it a prime area for businesses, not to mention a great re-location option for those with concerns about London post Brexit. Plus with the city being a magnet for techies the increasing talent pool Amsterdam already has to offer is making it hard for some companies to keep away.

The cities popularity has seen a decline in office vacancy and subsequently growth of the average rental level. Vacancy is expected to drop further into 2018 as the number of office completions failing to keep up with the increasing demand.

Focus on demand for Amsterdam office space with a high level of amenities continues to surge and AIS Projects are the perfect partner to assist you in creating an office that will remain competitive in the Amsterdam market. For more information chat to us about your Amsterdam office design project by getting in contact with Wes our Amsterdam market specialist.