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AIS Respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 workplace design sector

It’s difficult to imagine ‘business as usual’ as we live through these unprecedented times. In fact, our ‘usual’ in the workplace design sector may look very different after these difficult times have passed.

Fortunately we live within a community that is well-placed to fight and then overcome this unprecedented event.

We are working tirelessly in seeking avenues available to us that uphold safety, while still maintaining our ability to deliver. Technology has been our greatest asset in these recent times and we are fortunate to have made recent investments in applications to help our teams remain connected and able to continue their good work in the workplace design sector.

The company will do its’ level best in creating new protocols to ensure operational safety, and remaining nimble in delivering these as the situation continues to change day by day.

As we work our way through the new and ever-changing landscapes of government advice our executive team is mobilised to promptly process and address these.

We have faith that if we work hard and persevere through these difficult times we will get through this.

We understand the requirement for stability in these times and we’re doing all we can to extend this to all our clients.

Here’s how to reach us:
London: +44 (0)20 7101 1177   Amsterdam:  +31 (0)20 8081 133

Take care – Gerry Graville

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