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AIS interns share their summer goals

This summer at the AIS Amsterdam Studio we are lucky to be joined by a group of talented interior design students, who are taking up an AIS Design Internship. Before they arrived we asked them a bit about what they hoped to achieve over the summer. It is no secret that interns bring organisations new perspectives, fresh ideas and a range of strengths and skills. By working with us at AIS, they will develop these while gaining experience, making connections, strengthening their CVs and assessing their interests and abilities.

190723 Intern Programme Linkedin Header Image

While some of us at AIS have done design internships of our own, we were all a bit curious as to what our new colleagues were hoping to find here. As some of our interns close out their first week on the AIS design internship, we are sharing their responses to a few questions about their summer with AIS.

190719 Intern Programme Website Question Image Hope To Gain


To learn more about the working life, how different subject areas work together and gain insight into how the subject is practiced in another country.


I hope to grow as a person and learn what life working with interiors is like, in addition to learning leadership, communication and working with real clients.


I hope to learn more about interior design, how AIS works with many people on one project as well as see how the industry works.

190719 Intern Programme Website Question Image Design Inspiration


I get inspired by looking in design magazines, researching online, looking at buildings and visiting different locations. 


I love Scandinavian design, and functionalism. I like mixing different styles and creating contrasts.


Retro meets modern, and also Scandinavian design of course.

190719 Intern Programme Website Question Image Quote


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


“The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. Rather, the idea is the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of the idea.”
– Paul Rand


“Less is more.”

While the skills gained from an internship are important, we all know one shining star of this opportunity was a summer in Amsterdam. Asked about what they were looking forward to experiencing in the Dutch capital, responses included the ‘design & architecture of the city’, ‘improving spoken English’ and ‘meeting new people’ in a ‘relaxed and beautiful city’. We look forward to sharing more of the insights and views coming out of our first AIS Design Internship.

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