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AIS Become Carbon Neutral Workplace Provider

Due to our determination to expand our environmental commitment, we have taken a big step to understand and reduce our carbon footprint and become a carbon neutral workplace provider.
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We know that our dedication to the workplace wellbeing of our employees and the health of the planet matters to you and your workplace design projects. Hence we’ve become a carbon neutral workplace provider, recognising  our responsibility to guarantee that our work always considers the serious impact that it has on the planet.

Carbon Offsetting

We make sure to be a model for compassion in our work. This is why we have committed to going carbon neutral via carbon offsetting with the help of our friends at Carbon Footprint Ltd. Through the process of carbon offsetting, we will alleviate the damage from existing emissions and fund projects that directly address the climate emergency.

CO2 Assessed

We have completed our first step of becoming CO2 assessed which will allow us to identify key areas to focus our reduction efforts. From here, we will minimise our carbon footprint through a customised program and the promotion of behavioural change in our employees (check out our new water bottles!). While we have practices in place already, we feel it is our obligation as global citizens to constantly improve upon these.

We know that there is a lot of ‘green wash’ out there, but we guarantee that what we say is backed by meaningful change in our workplace wellbeing practices.

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