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AIS to Create New Workplace for Publieurope

We are very happy to announce that we have been appointed to design and build the new workspace for Publieurope to complete the works for their new London headquarters.
AIS workspace for Publieurope

Cam 01 Op 02

Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, a thriving media and creative hub we have been instructed to design a new workspace for Publieurope, creating an attractive and modern workplace environment that would captivate and retain the best talent in advertising.

Defining Space

We’ll be working together to create a more collaborative working space with the end goal of bringing people together to share ideas and increase creative outputs. Included in this the team want to introduce a large, open plan break-out space where different teams can casually interact or come together as a whole team for get togethers and more social events.


Aesthetically the space will be bright and contemporary with light timber flooring and features of Biophilia all throughout the space to bring in elements of freshness and vibrancy. Meeting rooms will be partitioned with crittal glazing that not only create a stylish finish but more importantly allow light in, whilst still retaining a level of privacy from the inside out.

We are looking forward to further developing our relationship with the Publieurope team and creating a bespoke workplace that delivers for their team well into the future.

If you are wanting to chat to us about the future of your workspace you can contact us here.

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