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AIS begin work with ‘Together UK’ on their London Workplace

AIS are delighted to announce that we have started work with 'Together UK' - one of the country's leading mental health organisations on their new London workplace and office design project in Lambeth, South London.
Together London Workplace Render

The project has presented us with an opportunity to implement new ways of working to the Together team in creating their new London workplace design.

Working with Together to define their brief we have identified increasing collaboration and making it easier for teams to cross pollinate as one of their main project goals. As a result our workplace design resolution creates a large ‘central hub’ space within the core of the office. This provides staff with a multi-functional hub, a place they can come together to eat, socialise and work encouraging interaction between staff that are split between two levels.

The project is a welcome addition to our ever increasing portfolio of not-for-profit workplaces, and we look forward to bringing you more project updates along the way!

Get in touch with our AIS London team today to find our more about our London workplace design projects.

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