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Carbon Zero Artwork Website Preview

AIS Becomes Net Carbon Zero

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Ais 2 Causeway Park 130

2 Causeway Park

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We believe an office that is both appealing and practical is crucial to the productivity of your organisation, the wellbeing of your people and realising your cultural aspirations.
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Our design team will translate your ideas, ethos and business identity into a hard-working office design; beautiful, functional and always formulated upon the best interests of its day-to-day users. We look at your business and workspace holistically to create people-centred spaces that best promote the ways in which people work, meet, interact, and relax – leading to an increase in productivity and a more collaborative environment. As the needs of our clients can vary greatly, we carefully select the right designers to produce an inspirational environment to suit your style of working. Because we know that collaboration is key, the design team work hand-in-hand with furniture planners, project managers and technical experts for an integrated approach and seamless design process.

A well-designed workspace can be transformational on many levels, and the benefits of an AIS-designed workspace are considerable and far-reaching. We create spaces that both look fantastic and function incredibly well - that impress clients and are a joy for your team to use every day.

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