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Accommodation Strategies

AIS has extensive experience in helping adapt existing office spaces to suit a business’s evolving needs, identifying the need for, and subsequently delivering a new workplace.
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We provide a strategic evaluation of the existing workplace to determine its ability to sustain the client’s business plan. This provides high level and key guidance for how the existing workplace can be adapted to suit the business needs, and also allows for a structured search and selection for new accommodation, supported by detailed analytical reporting on the implications of a relocation.

The first phase of our Accommodation Strategy is a detailed survey and report of a client’s existing office space. This analyses a number of key factors, including the efficiency of space utilisation, how a workspace can be enhanced, if it is suitable for future business changes, and the economic implications. We will also examine the building systems to ensure they are working efficiently, and anticipate any potential future maintenance issues.

When advising on the search and selection of a new office space, we draft a comprehensive plan of the optimal net internal area. This includes a number of workstations, optimal space utilisation and identification of preferred office accommodation as well as insights into preferred business location. The subsequent selection of suitable properties are then visited by our team to evaluate the space, technology, location and any other relevant factors. The final stage is to produce test fit plans, space plans and Building Evaluation reports.

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